Les Misérables Film Review

When Victor Hugo’s novel Les Misérables first came to London as a musical in 1985 it was criticised as reducing a French classic in a shallow attempt to popularise the story. Yet twenty-seven years later the story has been retold once again, and in film. This time the critics don’t seem to mind so much. It […]

The Magistrate @ The National Theatre and a Cinema Near You

The Magistrate was programmed as part of National Theatre’s Live Broadcasts, which played on Wednesday 16th January. Pinero’s 1885 farce was adapted as a successful musical comedy in 1917, which seems at the forefront of  Timonthy Sheader’s mind in his creation of The National Theatre’s latest hit comedy. Whilst the first song by the group […]

Second Thoughts: The Master @ Norden Farm

In celebration of local Arts-facililitation this week, with The Royal Opera House and The  National Theatre broadcasting live to cinemas everywhere, I wanted to focus on the role Local Arts Centres play in our community. Not only do they stage a spectrum of live performances, from comedy, to music, to drama, but they often provide […]

The Fifth Elephant @ Progress Theatre

Kenneth Brannagh’s Progress Theatre based in Reading started off their New Year with an ambitious adaptation of Sir Terry Pratchett’s fantasy novel The Fifth Elephant with its cacophony of dwarfs, vampires, werewolves and humans. Sir Terry Pratchett who is born locally to the theatre, in Beaconsfield,was crowned the UK best-selling author of the 1990s and is especially […]

2013 Theatre Festival Calendar

In the break of a New Year there are torrents of reviews telling you what to watch out for 2013 in Theatres, mainly London-based shows from high acclaimed Theatres and companies. Yet how about fringe shows: New writing, new companies and new exciting voices reaching the stage. It is customary to wait for the famous […]

The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark Competition @ Norden Farm

Plop is a baby Barn Owl, like every other barn owl, except he’s afraid of the dark. It’s black and scary and he doesn’t like it one bit. Yet probed by his mother, Plop goes to investigate and discovers about fireworks, bonfires, Father Christmas and all the fun things that you can only do at […]