Don’t know whether I’m Cinema-ing or Theatre-ing

This is a great week for facilitating Arts locally, with live broadcasts coming from The Royal Opera House and from The National Theatre, meaning that you don’t have to face the rush of London to experience some big shows and big names.

The Royal Opera House kicked it off with John Copley’s ‘La bohème’ being broadcast. It’s success on Tuesday has had Twitter a’Twooing, with one smug Tweeter claiming they were watching it from Italy, a reminder that this is a global initiative. Although there were some sound cuts and some smaller venues were missing subtitles (important if you’re not watching it from Italy) all together this was a great evening of sharing opera with thousands, who may otherwise have missed it. The teaming together of The Royal Opera House and Opus Arte means that we should expect much more live broadcasts in 2013, and hopefully with these minor glitches ironed out. The next show is scheduled for February 20th. More information here:

The Magistrate at the Olivier

Tonight we have The National Theatre’s critically acclaimed show ‘The Magistrate’ a Victorian Farce with John Lithgow and Olivier-Award winner Nancy Carroll playing leads.  The show starts at 7pm and will be live in all local cinemas and Arts Centres.

Remember to check in at your Arts Centres before rushing to your multi-plex cinema. They are often comfier, quainter and in keeping with the Theatrical atmosphere. But remember they are smaller, so book those tickets up!


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