The Austerity Show @ Norden Farm

The Austerity show is like a bric-a-bac shop, with a jumbled mish-mash of things to entertain, but no thread to hold it all together. Richard Attlee, as character Hubert, accosts the audience as they take their seats. He is selling the Austerity programme, with its explanation of the show and small survival kit. It introduces […]

Look Back in Anger @ Reading Rep

John Osborne’s 1950s landmark play incubates the legacy of the ‘angry young men’, a denouement of the war, but whose legacy lives on with today’s youth. Jimmy Porter is exasperated with the lethargic world and the apathacy that permeates it. His boredom, captured in the Sunday domestic lull of ironing and reading the paper, which he […]

Live broadcasting of Glyndebourne’s ‘Hippolyte et Aricie’ @ Norden Farm

French Baroque has recently been tried and tested at English National Opera, with great success and so is a welcome addition to Glyndebourne’s Live Broadcasting events, with a consuming production of ‘Hippolyte et Aricie’ by Jean-Philippe Rameu. The prologue initiates the feud between Diana, goddess of chastity and Cupid, the God of Lusty-love, who is […]

Macbeth @ Progress Theatre, Reading Open Air

The serene setting of Progress Theatre’s open-air production of Macbeth lies in stark contrast to Shakespeare’s dark and baron play, extending the antithetic use of language that dribbles so beautifully off the players’ word-perfect tongues. Whilst Patron, Kenneth Branagh, warns that production will go on ‘in thunder, lightening, or in rain’, (stung by the hindsight […]