What if Hitler wrote a children’s novel?

World Book day was on Thursday: an annual event which passes most adults by. But for children it is the one day in the school calendar when the fantasy of book spills into reality. School children nationwide celebrated with elaborate costumes, carefully put together by keen parents. And in Kingston it was no different. Pictures […]

Colder than Here @ Progress Theatre

Have you ever winced before being hit? Ever said ‘ouch’ before you felt the pain? Or missed someone before they were gone? In Laura Wade’s play, preemptive grief becomes just another symptom of terminal cancer. With mother Myra having only six months more to live, her husband and two daughters are given the unruly task […]

The Fifth Elephant @ Progress Theatre

Kenneth Brannagh’s Progress Theatre based in Reading started off their New Year with an ambitious adaptation of Sir Terry Pratchett’s fantasy novel The Fifth Elephant with its cacophony of dwarfs, vampires, werewolves and humans. Sir Terry Pratchett who is born locally to the theatre, in Beaconsfield,was crowned the UK best-selling author of the 1990s and is especially […]

Why iReview Theatre

This weekend the BAC are hosting a dialogue about the role of theatre criticism in the 21st century. Leaders Jake Orr (A Younger Theatre) and Maddy Costa (the Guardian/States of Deliquescence) suggest that that the critic has become a stagnant force and therefore not representative of the ever changing theatre world. “Theatre criticism hasn’t changed in […]