Timon of Athens @ National Theatre and Cinema Near You

As part of the World Shakespeare Festival 2012 The National Theatre has collaborated with The Royal Shakespeare Company to bring to life one of Shakespeare’s more neglected plays. So far the play has lavished upon it’s four and five star reviews, but the tomorrow will prove to be an even greater challenge for the show’s […]

Sailing on by Shady Jane @ Siteless Festival

I went to see the start of the Siteless Festival with Shady Jane’s award winning show ‘Sailing On’. I always avoid reading reviews about shows before I see them. All I knew is that the show was taking place in the girls toilet, which for the festival would be located at the all-girls private school […]

Reading Theatre Festival Kicks off Tomorrow

Type ‘Reading Theatre’ into google and cinema listings will be the first hit. Yet this week Reading is becoming the hub of Fringe UK with SITELINES- Theatre in Unusual Spaces- Festival. The festival is sprawling across the city into unexpected places, with everyone from schools to business’ giving up rooms for theatre magic to take […]

Glastonbury Hype of the Theatre World @ The Royal Court

The Royal Court’s popular £10 Mondays have already caused a weekly stir, with tickets selling out in minutes of their 9 am release. This Monday was particularly tense, it being the Monday debut of Jez Butterworth’s new play The River. I sat there, with my laptop on the kitchen table, pushing back my bowl of […]

That Face by Polly Stenham @ Etcetera in Camden

‘That Face’ is a play by Polly Stenham, that seems to be driven by the message that ‘money can’t buy you love’ as Stenham looks at the dysfunctional relationship of an upper class family. She tentatively examines the relationship between the family members and how alcohol and drugs have moulded their lives. Most concerning is […]

Katie Tempest- Brand New Ancients @ BAC

Katie Tempest creates a demanding and compassionate piece of work that asks the audience to re-evaluate how they live. She agonises at the modern fascination with celebrity culture and gives Simon Cowell a particularly scouring appraisal as a pioneer of this attitude. In her story she creates a new culture of praising the old heroic […]