Nymphomaniac Vols I & II film review

Director Lars Von Trier’s much-anticipated Nymphomaniac I and II suffer from a slight identity crisis. It poses questions like what is the difference between art-house and porn? What is the route of female sexuality? How can art feed into life? But the film never reaches climax and we never get any of these answers. Instead […]

Quartet and The Sony SRX-R515 @ Norden Farm

To launch their recent acquisition of The Sony SRX-R515 (in replacement of their analogue film based on 35mm projectors) Norden Farm hosted a screening of the Quartet, a debut film by director Dustin Hoffman that affectionately looks at the passage of time and old age, with a constant consideration of how we shall be remembered. Scripted […]

Les Misérables Film Review

When Victor Hugo’s novel Les Misérables first came to London as a musical in 1985 it was criticised as reducing a French classic in a shallow attempt to popularise the story. Yet twenty-seven years later the story has been retold once again, and in film. This time the critics don’t seem to mind so much. It […]