The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark Competition @ Norden Farm

Plop is a baby Barn Owl, like every other barn owl, except he’s afraid of the dark. It’s black and scary and he doesn’t like it one bit. Yet probed by his mother, Plop goes to investigate and discovers about fireworks, bonfires, Father Christmas and all the fun things that you can only do at night.

Blunderbus brings the story alive, through their interactive show of discovery, which teaches it’s young audience to face their fears and adopt an inquisitive nature. The show incorporates live music, puppetry and storytelling to engage young people. It’s currently still on tour and dates can be found on their website here:

Grace, Winner of 3-5years

In the spirit of initiating the next generation of Theatre Goers and making them become active members of story telling, Norden Farm begun an Art competition for all of Plop’s friends, after hosting Blunderbus in November. The competition stipulated to either draw Plop with his knackety knees or draw a dark, dark night. There was an overwhelming amount of entries, which extended across a full room, displaying all sorts: from textiles, to crayon, to paint and pencil drawing: there were Plops and fireworks and bonfires and trees. The competition captured young imaginations and gave some very good insight into the story, which the writer of the original childs book, Jill Tomlinson, would be delighted to see, no doubt. All entries were proudly staged in the Theatre’s devised gallery from Friday 21 December – Friday 4 January.

A massive well done to the two deserving winners of the competition Omar and Grace and to Norden Farm too, who were able to inspire a generation (to quote the Olympics motto).

image copy

Omar, Winner of 6-8years


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