Moonlight and Magnolias @ Progress Theatre

By Rebecca Roberts Ron Hutchinson’s quick witted, heart-thumping play reveals a fast paced vulgar Hollywood system of greed and insatiable uncertainty, where no one reads and everyone is hungry. His delightfully cynical account of how Gone with the Wind is rush-written in five days in 1939 New York is splintered with anticipation for the holocaust. […]

The 8th annual WriteFest @ Progress Theatre

The night was filled with the sweet lyrics of Carol Anne Duffy, the wise words of Christopher Robin, the informed advice of Roald Dahl and some cheesy jokes – and that was just from the compere Jon Speed. Although he set the bar high, with some lofty introductions, the plays, written by local winners of […]

Macbeth @ Progress Theatre, Reading Open Air

The serene setting of Progress Theatre’s open-air production of Macbeth lies in stark contrast to Shakespeare’s dark and baron play, extending the antithetic use of language that dribbles so beautifully off the players’ word-perfect tongues. Whilst Patron, Kenneth Branagh, warns that production will go on ‘in thunder, lightening, or in rain’, (stung by the hindsight […]

Blithe Spirit @ Progress Theatre

Coward’s comedies are always hilariously shrewd and the main joke of this play is depicting an afterlife that is very much the same as every day life, which would have had a certain sting in its post-war context. Filled with the tedium of paper work and queuing, we realise that we escape nothing in death, […]

Colder than Here @ Progress Theatre

Have you ever winced before being hit? Ever said ‘ouch’ before you felt the pain? Or missed someone before they were gone? In Laura Wade’s play, preemptive grief becomes just another symptom of terminal cancer. With mother Myra having only six months more to live, her husband and two daughters are given the unruly task […]

The Little Shop of Horrors @ Progress Theatre

Going to a show at Progress Theatre is always a bit special. There is an intimacy and fun camaraderie between the audience and performers: a sense of mutual understanding since many will rotate between the two positions over the years. Yet, when there is a musical about a blood-thirsty plant that spreads through the US […]

Rumours @ Progress Theatre

Rumours spread like wildfire, but laughter at Progress Theatre last night was a little faster at catching on. Infectious shrieks started at the back and ebbed like a wave through the intimate auditorium and was given little relief throughout this fast paced, witty and charming show. Director Amy Leversidge takes this American play, written by Neil […]