Rumours @ Progress Theatre

Rumours spread like wildfire, but laughter at Progress Theatre last night was a little faster at catching on. Infectious shrieks started at the back and ebbed like a wave through the intimate auditorium and was given little relief throughout this fast paced, witty and charming show. Director Amy Leversidge takes this American play, written by Neil […]

Quartet and The Sony SRX-R515 @ Norden Farm

To launch their recent acquisition of The Sony SRX-R515 (in replacement of their analogue film based on 35mm projectors) Norden Farm hosted a screening of the Quartet, a debut film by director Dustin Hoffman that affectionately looks at the passage of time and old age, with a constant consideration of how we shall be remembered. Scripted […]

In the Beginning was the End @ Somerset House

Despite the lack of formal scripting, the new play by Dreamthinkspeak has a clear and definite voice. It says without any hesitation: ‘I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.’ Book of Revelation: Chapter 22; verse 13 So we are tossed between moments of regeneration and destruction as […]

Surprises @ Guildford’s Yvonne Arnaud Theatre

Surprises is a word that covers all manner of sin. But in Alan Ayckbourn’s futuristic play, Romantic surprises are to be sought for. Consequently the audience is ironically warned not to peer too far into the future. You may not like what you see. An anxiety about what the future holds has erupted in contemporary […]