Don’t Mention The War!

Basil is back. He’s sold Fawlty Towers for a reasonable sum and has now found a new home just off the strand. ┬áThere’s no Parking outside, so he’s had to ditch the old red Austin, but there wasn’t any love lost. Other than that, it’s just as you’d expect, with Manwell and Sibyl at his […]

Midnight’s Pumpkin @ BAC

Having a ‘Kneehigh’ has become synonymous in theatre with dancing, laughing and lots and lots of participation. Their Christmas show invites the audience to delve into their fancy dress box and ready themselves for a fairy-tale ball (equipped with a few new dance moves). The tale of Cinderella has never been so sparkling. The show’s […]

Sleeping Beautifully with Matthew Bourne and Why it is a Must for Everyone.

Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty is currently staged in London at Sadler’s Well. It will then continues its UK tour through Milton Keynes, Birmingham, Glasgow, Woking, High Wycombe, Cardiff, Belfast, Bradford, Nottingham, Leicester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Liverpool, Bristol, Canterbury, Sheffield before going over to the continent to Italy and then finishing in Moscow, Russia. Phew. Quite the […]