Fleabag @ Underbelly, Edinburgh Fringe

‘Fleabag’ is a modern woman. Her coarse desire for sex is insatiable, damn the consequences, with an appetite for anything: ‘lesbian’ ‘gay’ ‘gangbang’ ‘anal’ ‘swallow’. Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s brilliant one-woman-performance, showcases her RADA performance training, as she populates the world around her modern anti-hero character: Fleabag, who tries to save her guinea-pig themed café. She carefully […]

The Edinburgh Fringe Hangover

Leaving Edinburgh Fringe is like suffering from a massive hangover. You’ll try and piece it together, ask yourself why you went, and promise yourself never again. Edinburgh Fringe is the calendar event of the year for the Arts. Despite the phenomenal cost attached to the yearly Fringe, Arts enthusiast and hopefuls flock in their thousands. […]

The iReviewtheatre Daily

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Spent @ Soho Theatre

Mobile phones are normally abhorred in theatres, but not in this performance. As I enter Soho’s top floor space all nineteen cast-members are tapping away on their devices. Jodi Gray’s nine playlets brandish the strain of contemporary life. Technology consumes us and alters how we do everything, not least our relationships. The quick set changes […]

Vivian Stanshall’s Sir Henry at Rawlinson End @ Norden Farm

Vivian Stanshall’s flamboyant 1978 album is aired in a one-man tour de force, creating a gif portrait of the eponymous Sir Henry at Rowlinson End. Stanshall’s work is the ultimate audio-book for adults with descriptions that dance with the accompanying music.  The characters don a fabulous attire of grotesque description and bawdy action, which alone […]