Dehli2Dublin @ Norden Farm

Dehli2Dublin gave a playfully unique and pumped up performance, which enlivined the often sober Norden Farm audience.

The Canadian Bhangra-Celtic band with dub beats and reggae rhythms are as fused as they appear. With a kilted Korean, tie-dyed DJ, goth-rock violinist, Bhangra percussionist and cute lead singer, the stylised band would translate into the perfect dolls (right beside the Spice Girls). It’s not girl power that they want though- it’s equality and more specifically racial equality.

This is by no way a gimmick however, and the band’s passion for their performance and talent was electric. Tarun Naya repeatedly jumped off the stage to dance around with the audience. Once taking the dhol with him, which him and an audience member methodically beat as they chased each other around it, like they were mixing a cauldron.

Beside the lead singer, was also the mesmerising voice of Sara Fitzpatrick, where for one song she steps out of her dark grunger look and into an enchanting melody like a Siren from Greek mythology.

Their performance has a contagious feel-good element and the band had a genuine friendliness and no-nonsense fun attitude. So even un-British queasy moments like the band calling the audience to make a circle and reach out to a stranger next to you, were well received and felt poignant. Perhaps it was the soft Canadian way it was put.

Nevertheless Dehli2Dublin seems relevant in our ever growing multicultural world and their originality and ideas are refreshingly stark in relation to pop culture.

Plus it represents a welcome movement for Norden Farm’s programming to appeal to a younger, fresher and more energetic crowd – so watch this space.

Dehli2Dublin are now back in Canada, but you can find out more about them on their website:



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