Glastonbury Hype of the Theatre World @ The Royal Court

The Royal Court’s popular £10 Mondays have already caused a weekly stir, with tickets selling out in minutes of their 9 am release. This Monday was particularly tense, it being the Monday debut of Jez Butterworth’s new play The River.

I sat there, with my laptop on the kitchen table, pushing back my bowl of half eaten cereal with an eager index finger constantly refreshing the page. Outside the dongs began to chime in the church opposite, slowly counting to nine in their swing-like way. God had spoken. But the Theatre was not answering. I checked the online clock and there was still forty seconds to go. I flicked back to the theatre’s tab and Booking was highlighted in red. My finger was quick to act. Book Ticket. Book. Sold out. Refresh. Sold out. Refresh. Sold Out. Sold Out. Sold Out.

So I am now without a Glastonbury ticket and I will not be seeing Jez Butterworth’s new play this evening. But unlike the six month wait I have for Glastonbury to have another go, The Royal Court will have another online bid tomorrow and the next day and the next, all the way up to November 17th. So plenty of time to hone in my online purchasing technique.


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